A Fresh New Blog

I decided to start writing another blog, mostly because I’ve been reading lots of other inspiring blogs and a lot of exciting stuff has been happening in my life. I’ve also realized how powerful an advertising tool a blog can be. I started my first blog in 2002. It was just some nicely designed HTML that I put together to get my job as a web developer at Gustavus. In 2003 I’d learned Cold Fusion for work but wanted to pick up PHP/MySQL so I wrote a blogging tool for my blog in it. It was great and I had a lot of stuff on there, but I lost it all in 2005 on an unfortunate series of events involving two harddrives dying within a week of eachother. Losing all of that took away my blogging steam.

Hopefully this blog will be more informative than my last one as I share ThingsILearned. The title refers to a startup I’m doing with a friend of mine this summer. I have two final projects to finish and then I’m off to Silicon Valley for the summer to kick it off. We’re going to have to do an incredible amount of development as we have to get a beta out by the end of the summer. Somehow I got lucky/unlucky and had incredible job offers to turn down to do this startup. I kept my head low so it wouldn’t be so bad but I still ended up with oportunities from Firefox, Intel, IBM and one or two others. I was just feeling too sick about it to turn down IBM, they’ve got me working on some incredibly incredibly cool stuff that I couldn’t do anywhere else and the pay is really good. So I was able to make a compromise and put off starting until September. Hopefully by then the beta will be up and it will all need less of my attention? Somehow I think it will only demand more :). We will have to see how it all turns out.



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