Diversity! Differences! Mind!! Man this World in unequal!!

Sometimes also called savants, there are a few extraordinary people around us who have amazing ability to remember things. Daniel is one such extraordinarily gifted man born out of East London who suffered seizures at the age of four, after which life was never the same for him or the people around him. With the ability to perceive numbers as figures and colors, he can solve enormous calculations in his mind just by visualizing the shapes, colors, and sound in a jiffy. Not only that, he has also proven his ability to learn a new language in a shocking record time of one week. There are several people around the world who are known to have the ability to remember and learn, but unfortunately a lot of times such gifted people suffer lack of social skills. Daniel however, unlike his counterparts enjoys the best of both the worlds. He is funny, witty and a genius all at the same time, the perfect combination.

I believe everyone would like to be the perfect man that Daniel portays with knowledge spanning all societies, generes and aspects of life, along with the ability to take advantage of all of them in real life. Only if there was a Daniel in everyones life to inspire to live the perfect life. Even with the pervasive spread of web 2.0 technology and Artificial intelligence in servers, every big enterprise seems to be striving to make it easier for people to know more about things they need, and striving to make a cure all for every requirement and need possible. I wish I could personally know a Daniel in my life, who would be able to mentor me in my life.



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