200 Page Views!

Today at 8:12 ThingsILearned.com hit a milestone, 200 page views! Okay, that’s not too exciting, especially since we’re still just a blog. But I thought it’d be good to get in some practice for when we’ve got the site launched and get to 2 million or 200,000 users or something like that. No budget for a big Silicon Valley milestone party but I’ll slame a root beer with Priyesh.


Lets see, the site’s been up a month or so now. With 200 hits per month, if I added adsense we’d pull in an estimated $.02 a month! That’s getting scarily close to profitability!For a progress report: we’re still stuck in Minnesota for a week more. Priyesh and I are working hard learning Zope/Plone in my parent’s basement. James is in California booking our summer sublet and Vu is home packing up his apartment for the summer trip.

We’ve ironed out all of the details of what we’re making. Its going to be really exciting! We’re mostly done with the executive summary and applied to the Minnesota Cup. I’ll be sure to post what exactly we’re making as soon as I can :).

Anyway, 200 page views! Thanks for celebrating with us.


1 comment
  1. Eric The Red said:

    I have a confession to make. I visited your site 198 times. I know this news must be devastating but the guilt was eating me up inside. Right now you must be thinking “That’s impossible! The IP addresses were unique.” Well, thanks to my IP spoofer they were. So if you could change the heading of this article to “Eric viewed my site 198 times!” I’d greatly appreciate it. Looks like things are coming together for you! Best of luck and keep posting!


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