On making business cards with Photoshop

Vu here. Since signing onto this project, I’ve had to figure out a thing or two about the program I’d be using for the artwork, namely, Photoshop. (It’s true that I’ve only produced one or two works so far using the program. I also feel that “winging it” is the sine qua non of a successful startup . . . ^_^) Yesterday I spent the day learning shapes, text effects, and color to produce what you see here:

Perhaps more could be said on best practices for business cards. I would not be the one to ask. Rather, here’s what was used to make some of the effects seen above.

The logo: A free font was used, with blending options set to inner shadow, gradient overlay, and stroke. In order to keep the logo consistent with any future color choices, I used transparent blend modes like overlay and multiply.

Shapes: By keeping them as vector-type shapes in their own layer, I could quick edit the position of the vertices without loss of quality.

The figure: Solid black lines over layers of solid colors with no dodge or burn layers, painted at 300% resolution and down-sampled for the business card, which was further down-sampled for web viewing.

Color: A case study in trial and error. The color will probably be tweaked for a while to come. (It was suggested that bright colors would look friendly and personable, like our friend Jared.)


  1. Vu, you’re amazing. Best buisness card ever.

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