Food for Thought & Thought about Food

For ages, cooking food has been considered to be an art perfected by few, and the rest of the people, just follow their footsteps. It has never before been seen as an experience. Why is it that hardly anyone goes into the kitchen and everytime, just try dfferent combinations and techniques with the same available food that they would eat everyday? Many remain content with adoring the same food and recipes for decades over and over again, without looking for a new style or technique.

I have loved experimenting with combination of vegetables (no meat as I am vegetarian), spices, curries, and pastas and what not together. But that was about as far as I could go. This hobby is getting more encouragement and recipe additions this week with Vu and Dave when we experimented 2 random dishes which turned out pretty good. The first one was simply called “Teriyaki Blend Noodles” and second one is “Coconut ChickPeas”. However I never went further than exprimenting with combinations, partly due to the limitations of my student lifestyle and partly laziness.

There hasn’t been a change this great in American cuisine in decades … ” is what Corby Kummer (Food Critic and Senior Editor, The Atlantic Monthly) had to say about Alinea Restaurent in Chicago. A Complete video called “The Elements of Taste” is posted on MIT’s TechReview.

Chef Grant Achatz seems to have taken technology in food sciences to the extreme by putting amazing amounts of details into transforming food into forms and styles which pieces of art and present delicious experiences which is attracting people from all over the world to Alinea. Definitely worth a try and forces me to think beyond the conventional modes of producing textures, tastes and presentations for food.



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