ThingsILearned User Case

I have a TON of things to post about this past week and the amazing amount of thingsilearned at the doccom Plone sprint hosted by google. I also want to share some stories about the awesomeness that is the google campus, but for now I just want to note my current feeling of awesomeness toward ThingsILearned. I bought a new macbook (Jared3) yesterday. I bought it one day too early and missed the iPhone release and all the excitement that’s going on with it here at the Palo Alto Apple store where its being covered by diggnation. I haven’t checked it out yet, I’m 4 blocks away at Pizza My Heart.

Anyway, I’m setting up my macbook and and have to change all of my settings and download my favorite apps. Luckily, because of what I’ve shared the thingsilearned on this blog the process has been incredibly easy. I found my favorite version of emacs, added xml support, modified my terminal, altered my hosts file to combat my internet addiction, and dropped in my screw script so Jared3 can curse back at me.

It was just cool to utilize so much content, and its all still just 4 guys on a flat blog! Soon everyone will be able and encouraged to share and with the improved tools we’re building into JaredSIM. JaredSIM will be an awesome storage place for the thingsilearned … awesome.



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