An energy drink recipe: Green Tea Pepsi

Vu here. For a pumped up energy-drink (without all the added amino acids), I like to prepare a green tea and Pepsi mixture that not only tastes good, but has all the caffeine I’ll need (about 40mg) and all the benefits that green tea potentially offers.

Here’s how to make it:
Steep your favorite green tea in a quarter cup boiling water for 2 or 3 minutes . . . enough for a small amount of tea that’s fairly concentrated (i.e. bitter). Add a spoonful of maple syrup. (Substitute: sugar.)

Let the tea cool for a few minutes in the fridge. Once suitably cold, grab a can of Pepsi, (substitute Coke if preferred) and pour that into the tea. Makes 14 ounces. (Add more tea to get the proportion of a regular-sized energy drink.)

Now you can have your tea polyphenols AND teeth-hurting sugar too.



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