Christmas Tunes

I like to get an early jump on the christmas music.  If I don’t I tend not to get it out of my system till mid to late January (which people find weird).  Today I found this site.

If you can’t tell by the URL, it plays christmas music 24/7.  And also 365 days a year.  You can also find it oddly placed under the religious section of  your itunes radio library titled Christmas 24/7.  If only that applied to more than just the music!

Also remember that a lot of people are still in the scrooge mood at this time of year.  Make sure to wear headphones while listening around these types.

1 comment
  1. Hi Guys, Thanks for the link. It’s always encouraging to hear from other people who enjoy Christmas music. I play it year round, with only a handful of listeners from February through August, but after Labor Day, traffic starts picking back up. Maybe next year I’ll run an ad campaign in July. Have a good Thanksgiving! Mike

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