Learning Again!

I’m revitalizing blog from of my former startup thingsilearned.com.  The startup unfortunately never got the launch stage but is a great url, and has made an excellent and well trafficked blog.  Lately I’ve had the urge again to start writing about the things I learn.

I am going to attempt the impossible goal of posting something new every day, in theme with the phrase “you learn something new every day” as this is a blog about the things I have learned.  I’m a busy person and have other blogs, so in order to do this the writing isn’t going to be great, and many of the post are going to be more questions than complete write-ups on topics.  This is the process of learning.  Its incremental and a complete understanding or description is usually never fully achieved.  This will be reflected in my writing.

I hope I get a lot of interaction and additions/corrections to the topics in the comments!  If you’d like to add a guest post, please contact me at dave@socialbrowse.com.


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