Setup Safari Web Inspector

A few months ago my friends at 280 North told me about Safari’s Web Inspector.  Its quite simply Safari’s version of Firebug.  Until recently I never had much of a reason to test it out but tonight I did.  To enable it simply run the following command in your Terminal.

defaults write WebKitDeveloperExtras \
 -bool true

Update: A better way to enable it is in the advanced tab in your preferences.  Thanks Rik

More instructions for the rare windows users are here.

After that brief setup you can right click on page elements and choose “Inspect Element”. It’ll open up the Inspector window which has many of the same features as firebug including the option to dynamically edit css files and the following view showing load speeds for your pages.


I’m looking forward to playing with this more.

  1. Thanks Ross. I’m checking it out now. Definitely some sweet improvements. Its now pops up in the bottom part of the browser similar to Firebug.

  2. Rik said:

    You don’t need to type this awful command in the Terminal. Just go in the Advanced panel of the preferences.

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