Wanted: Generous Blog Designer

I’m currently doing a lot of research and experimenting in Marketing as its my weakest skill as a startup founder.  I want to make it one of my strengths, or at least become moderately good at it.  One of the marketing tools I’m going to be experimenting with is this blog.  To do that I really think it needs some sort of re-design, or rather a first-design as almost no design went into it in the first place.

Lately I get between 30 and 80 views per day, numbers I hope to increase significantly.  I have various distribution methods in mind and am confident I can accomplish the task.

So here’s the deal

I’m a bootstrapping startup founder, so I have no money to spend on this.  I’m hoping there’s someone generous enough to design it for the experience and the portfolio builder.  Everyone starts somewhere.  Hairstylists give out a lot of free haircuts before they get paid.  Writers write a lot of free stories, and even engineers write a lot of software before someone ever pays us.

Though I can’t offer money,

Here is what I can offer

  1. Name and link of designer’s site at the bottom of each page.
  2. A blog article thanking, complimenting, and recommending the designer
  3. Possible paid work on sites in the future

I make a lot of websites and have alot of projects.  I won’t always be poor.  I also know a lot of people who make a lot of web sites and are looking for good designers.  If I like your work, I’m not shy to recomend people.

Here’s what I want

This blog is about the Things I Learn, and most of that tends to be about technical stuff (but not all).  It should be modern, stylish, and clean.

Here are some blogs, who’s designs I really like.

I’d like a large RSS icon on a sidebar as well as some space to put the Socialbrowse Blog Widget and other widgets that my hacker friends have made.  I’d like a great font so that the post is fun to read on its own, without always needing a picture to support it.

I’d also like to keep the blog hosted on wordpress, which means the design is constrained to using one of the currently available themes (formats) and updating the css.  Here is more information about the Custom CSS feature and a FAQ.

If you’re interested or want more information contact me at dave [at] socialbrowse.com

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