Socialbrowse On The News

It happened a few weeks ago and we mentioned it on the Socialbrowse Blog but I feel like mentioning it here as well. Socialbrowse was covered on the News!  Zack and I were interviewed by Ali Lucia and were really pleased with the coverage.  Unfortunately I can’t embed the video in this wordpress blog so you’ll have to follow the link:

Watch The Socialbrowse News Coverage

So what did I learn from being on the news?  A few things:

  1. It doesn’t bring much traffic to a web site
  2. It brings substantial clout among friends/family who wonder what I’m doing with my life
  3. You get some temporary local fame/recognition
  4. Its best to be prepared (our site was going down during our interview 🙂
  5. 95% of what you say in an interview isn’t used
  6. So speaking in small poignant sentences helps

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