New Blog Design By Amanda Scharlemann

A few weeks ago I published a request for a generous designer to create a unique look for this blog.  Amanda Scharlemann was the first to respond and was a pleasure to work with!

Amanda is a design student at Bethany Lutheran College and shows great potential.  She had never worked with customizing WordPress Templates and the annoying restrictions that come with that, but was eager and quick to learn.  We went through several iterations to narrow down exactly what I was looking for and she spent a lot of time examining the example sites I gave her to get a feel for what I would like.  At each iteration she had significant improvements, helpful advice, and most importantly was open and attentive to feedback.

I dislike design processes where the designer is stubbornly biased in certain directions and completes 90% of the work before you’re allowed to review.  Amanda was not that way at all.  I’m not sure if they teach client-design relationships at Bethany or not, but she was a pleasure to work with.

Check out her resume.

The custom design was launched last week, and so far the results have been great.  I’ve seen a doubling in traffic, and several more comments than usual.  Perhaps  the most impressive statistic so far is that a friend I hadn’t talked to in a while came across my blog while goggling an issue he was having.  My article apparently helped him and he was excited to notice (thanks to the personalized sidebar) that the blog belonged to me!

Over time I will probably tweak things here and there as is my nature but I’m over all very pleased with the new look.

Thanks again Amanda!


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